What are the benefits of striping my parking lot?

There are many benefits to having your asphalt parking lot striped by Fresh Lines LLC. One of the biggest benefits of striping your parking lot is safety. When lines do not exist in your parking lot or are faded, there is no structure or guidance for your customers to know where to park. You will find visitors parking in places that block intersections, access to sidewalks, business entrances, exits and more. All of these things can result in vehicles needing to be towed, fire department issues, door dings, fender benders, and even accidents. These types of accidents almost always result in naming you and your company as the responsible party.  Having your parking lot lines, curbs, handicap, and directional arrows painted can save you a great deal of time and money.

Fresh line striping also increases curb appeal. First impressions matter. It’s important to impress your customers from the time they enter your parking lot, all the way until they leave. Having a well marked parking lot will definitely enhance your business or store front.

Parking lots are an integral part of your business environment, but oftentimes they are overlooked when it comes to enhancing the visual appeal of your property. Still, there’s no reason that you can’t take the same pride in your company’s parking lots as you do in the rest of your facilities. A clean, well painted parking lot system can also help keep your company safe and decrease traffic accidents from occurring at your facilities.

That’s why here at Fresh Lines LLC we believe that you should keep your parking lot striping well maintained. Whether a brand new lot or an old fading one, we will work to not only make your parking lot as nice and as safe as possible, but we can also work with you to determine how to maximize the space that you have available.

Fresh Lines LLC uses only the best water and solvent based paints in all of our projects, and we guarantee that with our work, your parking lots will become an aesthetically pleasing addition to your property. We can also guarantee that we will work to fulfill all the legal guidelines required of parking lots, including correct handicap spot placement and space requirements.

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